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 (Wednesday, February 10th) - In this first meeting, we will provide an overview of SGMA, the draft chapters recently completed, and our current efforts to define groundwater levels and other criteria to measure sustainability in the basin. 

  • Water Budget (planned for Wednesday, March 3rd) - In this second meeting, we will discuss the basin wide groundwater model and groundwater budget (an accounting of inflows, outflows, and changes in storage).  This information gives us a good understanding of our subbasin, assist in long range planning, and estimates how much water can be pumped from the basin while remaining sustainable.
  • Projects and Management Actions (planned for Wednesday, April 14th) - SGMA requires that agencies identify projects and groundwater management actions that can be implemented should the basin become unsustainable, or at risk of becoming unsustainable, as indicated by the results of the above-mentioned monitoring of water groundwater conditions.  In this third meeting, we will discuss the projects and management actions that will potentially be included in the GSP.

  • A recording of the meeting can be viewed here. Use passcode &BL&PS70


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        Passcode: 646059

    Date and Time

    February 10, 2021 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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    Zoom Webinar
    3091 County Center Drive #170
    Auburn, CA 95603

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    Zoom Webinar

    3091 County Center Drive #170, Auburn, CA 95603